Single Plug Valves

Lubricated Single plug valves fra Brdr Christensen are normally used under servere operation conditions as they have a high quality and extremely robust design.

They can operate in almost any medium trouble free and with a 100% tight sealing.

Since the only moving part is the plug, the basic operation of this valve type is very simple.

The lubrication is a integrated part of the design and has 3 vital functions:

  • Protection against corrosion
  • Reducing the valve torque
  • Tight sealing

All type 5 and 9 single plug valves from Brdr Christensen has three independent seals.  This is made up of a reinforced P.T.F.E. thrust plate followed by a 100% pure graphite seal  with a stainless steel back up ring.

The graphite seal is very efficient at extremely high temperatures and meets the most strict demands of several different standards relative to fire safe design.