Short delivery time

BC Concept for Short Delivery Time of Plugvalves

It is a target for us to deliver quality valves with the shortest possible delivery time, therefore we have decided to work with 4 different delivery tracks in our engineering and production areas.

Each track is defined by dedicated route diagram splitting the operations up in separate departments and all orders for taper plug valves and taper twin plug valves in productgroup 5 and 55 – pressure balanced designs – will follow one of these tracks:

Measuring for the valves
  • Red track is the fastest track and will always have top priority.
  • Yellow track  is also a fast track with special attention , but normally we only work in one shift.
  • Green track  is BCH lowest cost track with a average delivery time between 18 and 26 weeks – depending on the specs.
  • Black track is the low price track with the long delivery time – up to 24 months. This track is for high volume annual contracts .

All stated delivery times are guiding delivery times without time consumption for 3rd party inspection and valves with special painting procedures.