Company Mission

By using employees with the very highest technical valve competences we will create the best dialogueue to succeed designing and manufacturing quality valves for the global oil and gas industry

 We are trustworthy – we set an honor in respecting all agreements made, based on the spirit in which they were entered into.

We will be trustworthy in our dialogueue with our working partners in all situations.
We keep our promises. Should there be circumstances where it is not possible for us to honor our agreement, then we will immediately inform all relevant parties both external and internal.

 Dynamic development is created through dialogue

We will be the best in developing plug valves that fit the needs of our customers.
We will be market orientated and flexible in our endeavors to reach a technical solution that will fulfill the customers’ wishes/requirements to plug valves.
For us, a dialogue based upon equal respect is the key to dynamic development.

 Delivery dates – a keyword for us

We will deliver quality valves with the shortest possible delivery times.
We work with three different delivery concepts. A “red”, “yellow”, or “green” path through our organization shall ensure that customers can choose the “fastest” path that is most suitable for the individual project.
Red orders are the fastest and have top priority over all other orders.

 Quality in everything we do

In close dialogue with our customers and with an outset in our management system, we create, develop, and manufacture compact, robust, durable plug valves with a very long working lifetime.

Information and the individual cases are first passed on when all relevant and necessary information is available so that others can continue their work based upon an informative quality baseline.

We will be the safe choice.

 We create competence through dialogue

We will be an attractive working partner, and therefore we set an honor in creating a constructive dialogue so that technically complicated problems can be solved with the customers’ needs in centrum.
We will be competent; therefore we will also have everything under one roof, right from the casting process, to machining, to assembly and testing of valves, thereby creating a solid competence and cohesion between what we have promised the customer and what we can actually manufacture and deliver.