Rewarded by authorities.

Rewarded by authorities.

Brdr. Christensen`s team in the Ukraine is rewarded by the authorities.

2012 has been a hectic year for the employees at Brdr. Christensen`s company in the Ukraine. Among other things the production capacity was increased due to increasing turnover and sales from Brdr. Christensen Denmark. The company has also undergone a considerably renovation of the buildings together with a new design of the production area where the layout has been optimized.

The increase of the turnover is due to a general increase in the demand for products for the global oil and gas industry, combined with a more focused and reorganized sales and marketing strategy at Brdr Christensen.

“All through 2012 we have had full focus on the production both in Denmark and in Ukraine, in order to optimize the production machinery, so we can fulfill our customers demands for quick and short deliveries of quality plug valves for the global oil and gas industry” says Otto Rábade-Lieber CEO at Brdr Christensen.

“We are very proud of the Ukrainian authorities recognition of our factory in the Ukraine” ends Otto Lieber .

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