Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve

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These twin plug valves are ideal shut off valves for almost any medium either under servere operation condition or in high explosive area`s.  Christensen twin plug valves are verifiable double isolation plug

Valves, fully complying with the ASME and API codes .

The design of the lubricated twinplug valve is very compact, space and weight is minimized and with face to face dimensions identical to a single plug or ball valve

All Christensen Double block and bleed valves are designed with the new CCR System  – Christensen Cavity Relief System. The CCR System is patented appl.and is a special designed bore, going from the body sealing surface against the diaphragm to the post outside of each plug. All twin plug valves have the CCR System which avoids overpressure in the cavity between the two plugs,  if an emergency –with extreme high overheat,  should occur.

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