Approved Service Center # 1

Approved Service Center # 1

Approved Service Center # 1
We are proud to announce Stork Technical Services Netherlands BV to be the first approved BC service center outside of Denmark!

Stork is a high quality and integrated player in the UK and Netherlands sectors of the Southern North Sea, as well as in the Netherlands and parts of Germany.

Please do not hesitate to contact Stork should your BC plug valve need advanced service beyond regular maintenance. Work shops in Elsloo and Farmsum (Groningen) are approved BC service centers, and a number of engineers at both locations are trained in BC valves especially and the training will be updated on a regular basis.

Your company or customers being located in the Netherlands or your assignments being placed in the off-shore industry nearby, we feel confident that you will benefit from our enhanced co-operation with Stork. – Expertise around the corner!

Stork can be contacted at:
+31 (0)88 089 12 40 (Elsloo) and +31 (0)88 089 12 00 (Groningen).

Any question can be directed to [email protected]