Here you will find some of the employees working in BCH Headquarter.

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Executive Management
 Thomas Vennick Christensen - Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Vennick Christensen
Chief Executive Officer
Sales / marketing
Dennis Jesper Delff Nielsen  - Regional Manager Middle East & Australia
Dennis W. Larsen Jesper Delff Nielsen
Chief Commercial Officer Regional Manager
Middle East & Australia
Karsten Andersen - Area Manager European Continent Niels Mørkeberg - Area Manager Denmark & Far East
Karsten Andersen Niels Mørkeberg
Area Sales Manager
European Continent
Area Sales Manager
Denmark & Far East


Thomas Rasmussen - Back Office Manager Lise Rifbjerg - Internal Sales Coordinator
Thomas Rasmussen Lise Rifbjerg
Back Office Manager Back Office Manager
Design and Engineering
Stig Larsen - Technical Manager
Stig Larsen
Technical Manager


Anne Olejarz - Technician
Morten Kaiser Anne Olejarz
Technician Technician
Foundry  Procurement Service
 Søren Løgi Christensen - Foundry Division Manager johnny-lund Midhad Mehanovic - Service Engineer
Søren Løgi Christensen  Johnny Lund  Midhad Mehanovic
 Foundry Division Manager  Operational Procurement Service Engineer
Accounts and Finance
mette maria
Mette Pedersen Maria Johnsen
Accountant debtor and HR Accountant creditor
Production and assemply
Rico Pedersen - Production Manager johnny-lund Ronni Krøll Jørgensen - Production Planner
Rico Pedersen Johnny Lund Ronni Krøll Jørgensen
Production Manager Tech Process Planner Production Planner
Quality and Certifying
Steve Tarry - HSEQ  Manager Svend Hentrich - AQ lead auditor
Steve Tarry Svend Hentrich
HSEQ Manager AQ lead auditor


Michael Jensen - Laboratory Manager henrik
Michael Jensen Henrik Olsen
Laboratory Manager Testing and X- ray
Ukraine plant
Julia Bodnarchuk - Chief Executive Officer - Ukraine Vacant - Plant Manager
Julia Bodnarchuk Vacant
Chief Executive Officer Plant Manager